Business inquiries

Lighthouse is actively developing projects in California and producing prefabricated modules in an assembly factory in Orange County. Our production plan is set to increase an yearly production rate by 300 housing units in 2018.
To create an entirely sustainable and eco-friendly energy system, Lighthouse is also designing a unique set of energy solutions. It enables homeowners and businesses to manage the distribution, storage, and consumption of renewable energy and isolation.

Future housing

We think it is just the beginning. While building its most innovative and affordable properties, Lighthouse continues to make its products more affordable and accessible for clients, ultimately accelerating the progress of future housing and green construction. Quick construction methods, modular systems, transportable units and advanced construction technologies already exist independently, but when combined, they become the future of property development.

We are inviting investors, landlords, developers and any interested partners to collaborate with us. You can contact us for further details and to inquiry about the projects which are currently under development. If you want to contribute to our visionary and innovative future, become our partner!