We choose to work with shipping containers as our primary building material. Shipping containers are affordable, durable and require low maintenance once constructed into a building. That is why they are perfect for developing low-priced luxury hotels and apartments. The usage of high-end final products allows us to deliver exclusive buildings and to be profitable at the same time. Therefore, shipping containers are sustainable due to the upcycling of existing products instead of consuming the new ones.


The advantage of using shipping containers for buildings construction is that they are highly customizable and can be used for creating modular buildings. The flexibility of design means that we can adapt shipping containers to various building types. Shipping containers can also be constructed and assembled before delivery at the construction site. As a result, the construction time is significantly reduced.

The future of construction

In our opinion, using shipping containers as building materials is the future of construction and building development. We see ourselves as early adaptors trying to create high-end products with state-of-the-art technology while remaining sustainable. We believe that everyone can benefit from the advantages of shipping containers as building modules and share our vision.