Lighthouse was founded in 2006 by a group of architects, offering architectural and design services in civil construction. We have gained 11 years of experience, designing over 100 projects and supervising over 40 in-house professional architects, engineers and managers acting in different countries. Launched in 2010, our construction and project management department brought Lighthouse into real estate development.

Today, Lighthouse doesn’t just develop buildings but creates a conceptually new generation of high-tech properties. These projects are infinitely scalable, mobile and reusable, which corresponds with our vision of understanding and changing the future of real estate.


Lighthouse believes that the technological and sociological evolution of mankind has changed our lifestyles, affecting the demand for real estate and the way we look at properties. However, today’s achievements in science and technology don’t correspond with currently existing construction and its functionality. Our goal is to show people that they don’t have to make compromises living the lifestyle they prefer.


Lighthouse designed a series of modular, prefabricated and adjustable constructions using state-of-the-art technologies what allows us to respond effectively to existing market needs. We have twelve years’ expertise in the construction industry and we are operating on a global scale. We are aimed at making a significant contribution to solving housing problems worldwide while operating in an environmentally friendly way.
Our projects are based on three key elements: technological integration, sustainability and adjustable characteristics. The core concept of our projects is achieving these key elements by using advanced technologies and implementing a broad range of architectural designs and materials. Shipping containers are ready-to-use, sustainable and cost-efficient structure cells in the building process which have proven to be very effective.

We proudly present our Urban Box Hotels project as commercial business property which can beat any ‘cost-per-key’ and ‘investment return’ project in the hotel industry. The Urban Box Apartments project is our answer to housing problems and demand in both urban and suburban areas all around the world.